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Get Global Art - Art Services

“Get Global Art” is a multi-tiered venue that represents modern and classic works of art. These pieces of art are hand selected, and come from worldwide locals and private collections.

As a multi-tiered venue, not only can these works of art be viewed and obtained on the “Get Global Art” site, but are also shown in a variety of other venues which are highlighted on our Exhibitions/Events page.

Additionally, arrangements can me made for:

  • Building/Office placement

  • Private Events

  • Other placements options are available on a permanent and temporary basis.

Enjoy viewing “Get Global Art” and if you’d like to discuss a purchase option, or have additional questions regarding viewing arrangements for an office or event, please contact our curator, Peter Fitzsimmons, @ (415) 378-0332 or peter@getglobalart.com or info@getglobalart.com