Get Global Art

“Get Global Art” is a multi-tiered venue that represents modern and classic works of art. These pieces of art are hand selected, and come from worldwide locals and private collections rarely seen.

As a multi-tiered venue, not only can these works of art be viewed and obtained on the “Get Global Art” site, but are also shown in a variety of other venues which are highlighted on our Exhibitions/Events page. Additionally, arrangements can me made for building/office placement, private events, and other placements options are available on a permanent and temporary basis.

Enjoy viewing “Get Global Art” and if you’d like to discuss a purchase option, or have additional questions regarding viewing arrangements for an office or event, please contact our curator, Peter Fitzsimmons, @ (415) 378-0332 or

About the Art Director and Curator:

Art Director and Curator of “Get Global Art”, Peter Fitzsimmons, has a distinguished career within the art community. He learned his “art consultant” craft while being a top producer for Circle Gallery, San Francisco, and later moved on to become the Managing Director of the Richard MacDonald Gallery, located in the Union Square area in downtown San Francisco. In recent years Peter became the founding Executive Director of the Jazz Heritage Center located in San Francisco’s historic revitalized Fillmore District where he curated and managed the Lush Life Gallery.

With the experience of representing a wide array of Artists and Genres, Peter has now set his sights on representing a multitude of artists and private collections directly, via Bay Area "Pop Up" themed venues, large scale lobby format exhibitions, and all of this coinciding with the ability to acquire those art pieces via "Get Global Art".